Baconman Land is Baconman's technological city, located on a large floating platform in outer space. It is home to Baconbots and B-1000s.

Eggman's AdventureEdit

Eggman infiltrated the mechanized metropolis under the guise of Baconman's ally, Evil Wise Man, using a disguise he procurred through beating the Mafia.

Eggman confronts his adversarry, and manages to secure the final Chaos Emerald, before heading out to the Death Bacon to challenge Baconman and thwart his scheme.

Splooshnic CrackersEdit

After Forest Island was abducted to space, with Splooshnic on it, the hero traversed across a space bridge to Baconman Land, where he witnessed Eggman's confrontation with Baconman and Evil Wise Man. As Eggman headed off to the Death Bacon, Splooshnic ventured back to the former site of Forest Island to the Underworld.