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Cookies is a purple demon, and the brother of recurring antagonist Crackers . He resembles Crackers greatly, except he favors comfortable clothing and cool shades to Crackers's evil overlord suit. He also has a stylin' beard. Cookies, in contrast to Crackers, is a fun-loving and all-around nice guy.

He has yet to make any official appearances in the Eggnic series, yet remains an integral part of the Eggnic mythos related to Crackers's backstory.

Character BiographyEdit

Cookies hails from another dimension, where purple demons rule the world. Not much is known about his early life, but it is known that at some point his brother Crackers started his evil rise of power, abandoning his homeworld and Cookies with it.

While it is unclear what the brothers' relationship was like, it can be deduced that Cookies strongly opposed the evil desires of Crackers. Cookies is also apparently much more powerful than Crackers himself is, and is one of the few to instill fear in the otherwise confident demon.