Eggnic 3, commonly known as Eggnic 3 final, or Eggnic 3 version 3, was the third and final version of Eggnic 3. The plot completely disregarded the previous versions of the game, and, in fact, the plot of the previous games in the Eggnic series. It was intended to be the definitive, canonical version of Eggnic 3. However, it has been met with much backlash, and the beta is now considered the canon version.


The plot involved Splooshnic being sent back to the Game World of Splooshnic Crackers, where things have been peaceful since the events of previous Eggnic games. However, Evil Wise Man's forces are beginning to gain strength, causing Banz to worry. He deduces that Dr. Baconman has been hacking the game world using the Mega Diamonds to give more resources to Evil Wise Man. As such, he plans to return to the real world, team up with Dr. Eggman and defeat Evilcorp once again.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Sera is walking through Station Square, headed for Eggman's Base. Once there, they meet with Random Wise Man, who tells them that his home world of Planet Random is being attacked.



Eggnic 3 final is one of the most reviled games of the Eggnic series. Its primary shortcomings are considered its complete disregard for the Eggnic canon. For instance, it claims that Splooshnic and his friends are merely fictional characters who were transported to the "real world" in earlier games. Though it is technically canon that Splooshnic and his friends are game characters, this is also true of people from Eggman's world. It has been claimed that this was an attempt to downplay Splooshnic's importance in relation to Eggman.

Claims that Random Wise Man's homeworld is Planet Random, rendering the plot of Eggnic more or less nonsensical, have also been criticized. Finally, The Airship, one of the mainstays of the series, is absent, replaced with the Random Wise Ship 2.0. The design of the new airship has been defended as stylish in its own right, but the original airship, a fan favorite, was absent from the game. As well, it implies that the airship was owned by Random Wise Man alone, when it is canonically jointly owned by Banz and Random Wise Man.

The project's director, Doc Eggman, has expressed discontent with the game as well, helping to cement its status as non-canon.