Eggnic 3, frequently referred to as "the original Eggnic 3" to distinguish it from other games of the same name, was an RPG in the Eggnic series. Little is known about it, as all files related to the game have been lost.


The developers have stated that they remember little about the plot. All that is known is that the game was to take place in a new location: the Space Colony YOSH. It has been speculated that the plot may have centered around Pokey and Giygas, like the later Eggnic 3 beta. One town was to be an artificial lake environment, with a tower and a cafe or pub, where a battle with a Baconbot would have taken place.


The game apparently used a switching system to choose characters. For the first time in the Eggnic series, Banz and Random Wise Man would have been playable. Exploration of the Space Colony YOSH would have involved use of the airship.