Welcome to the next World.

- former Eggnic Team slogan

Eggnic Team, formerly Eggman Ware Inc., and not to be confused with Team Eggnic, is the collective name for the developers of the Eggnic series and several related games. It was, for a time, a subdivision of EGGA, and rival of Eggtendo. However, Eggtendo's dissolution ended the rivalry, and Eggnic Team has declared itself independent of the now largely defunct EGGA.


Prior to the establishment of Eggnic Team, Eggman's Adventure and Splooshnic Crackers were unrelated games, created by Doc Eggman and Ishntknew, respectively. The decision to link the games caused the creation of Eggnic Team, then an unnamed organization.

The first game created by the organization as a collaboration was Eggnic. It was quickly followed by Eggman Ware Inc., which gave the organization its name.

At some point, the name was changed to Eggnic Team, though the time and reasons for this are forgotten.

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