Gaston is a recurring character in the Eggnic series. He is a warrior who hails from Whateveritscalled, and an unknown rival to Splooshnic. Gaston frequently attempts heroics on Splooshnic's scale, but is rarely met with any success.

Character HistoryEdit

Gaston first appeared in Splooshnic Crackers, as a minor character on Carpet Island. His name was never mentioned in this game. When he first meets Splooshnic, he says nothing, but can later be seen in Spamman's shop, enjoying spam. He later attempts to use the power of spam to defeat Evil Wise Man, thinking that it would be as potent as the Spam Talisman in overcoming his magic. The extent to which the spam weakened Evil Wise Man is unclear, as after beating Gaston, Evil Wise Man claimed that only Splooshnic could possibly defeat him, thus implying that Gaston's failure was not in his methods, but in his strength. Gaston does manage to learn the password into the depths of Evil Wise Man's lair, and shares it with Splooshnic, before returning to his own airship. Before he goes, Splooshnic asks Gaston to deliver a message to Dr. Eggman. Though Gaston affirms that he will deliver the message, it never appears in Eggman's Adventure. It is likely that Gaston merely failed in his task.

Gaston next appeared in Eggnic 2.