- Ninja

Ninjas are Evil Wise Man's grunt troops, and make up the bulk of his forces.

Ninjas are weak, slow, and generally not all that intimidating. However, what they lack in power they make up for in sheer numbers, as Evil Wise Man appears to have a large number of Ninjas in his employ.

With the foundation of Evilcorp and Evil Wise Man's alliance with Dr. Baconman, Ninjas can n frequently be found fighting alongside Baconbots.

Not all ninjas work for Evilcorp, however. The King of Snow Island and Cyborg Ninja are independant protagonists who assist the heroes on their journey.

Notable NinjasEdit

Ninja Warrior

Cyborg Ninja

King of Snow Island (Can take the form of a ninja and adopt ninja fighting techniques. Claimed to be the Ninja Warrior specifically, but a preponderance of evidence suggests this claim to be false.)


Super Ninja