I'm not scared! Evilcorp's captured me before, Ivo'll just save me again!

- Sera

Sera is a main character in the Eggnic series. She is a catgirl, and the daughter of the president of South Island, as well as Eggman's girlfriend. Even though she is frequently captured by Evilcorp, Sera is optimistic and kindhearted to everyone, including her captors. She first appeared sometime between Eggnic and Eggnic 2. Unfortunately, as Eggnic was never finished, it is unclear exactly when she appeared.

Character BiographyEdit

Sera is the daughter of South Island's president. According to version 2 of Eggnic 3, she went to high school with Eggman and Baconman, who always had a crush on her. The canonicity of this is disputed, since Eggnic 3 went through many revisions. However, version 2 is generally considered the canonical version, and as such, this statement is considered true.

Character AffinitiesEdit

Weapons: Missile Launchers

Drinks: ???