Characters in the Eggnic series tend to have a preferred class of weapon. In terms of game mechanics, weapons are Items that can be equipped to raise a stat, most commonly the attack stat.

Egg Blasters Edit

Egg Blasters are a type of laser pistol, preferred by Dr. Eggman. The name implies that he designed them himself, but he frequently purchases them from shops.

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Eggman's Adventure:

  • Egg Blaster - The most common form of Egg Blaster. Eggman begins Eggman's Adventure with this equipped.
  • Super Egg Blaster - An upgraded Egg Blaster. It can be bought in Green Hill Town.

Swords Edit

Splooshnic's preferred class of weapon. Splooshnic's affinity for swords has become one of his defining characteristics, and over his adventures, he has earned a reputation as the most skilled swordsman in the world. This is surprising, considering almost half of his weapons in his first game were, in fact, not swords.

Splooshnic Crackers:

  • Sploosh Sword - Splooshnic begins Splooshnic Crackers with this equipped.
  • Excalibur - The legendary sword. Splooshnic finds it after Forest Island has been abducted.
  • Omodious Blade - A powerful sword that can be found in Omochao World, upon the defeat of True Terror. Its canonicity is disputed, as Omochao World was added after the game was completed, and the series makes no further references to the sword.

Other Weapons Edit

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Splooshnic Crackers:

  • Club - An extremely weak club that can be bought in Oranamo. It is weaker than the Sploosh Sword, making it nearly useless.
  • Spear - A spear that can be bought in Desert Town. It is notable for being the last weapon upgrade until Excalibur is found. It is a two handed weapon and cannot be equipped at the same time as the Omochao Shield.